What do I do with the deer? 

The meat is donated to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and give to shelters.  To finance this we encourage a donation from landowners for each deer removed of $125, if the entire deer is to be donated to the food bank, but it is not required.


When is it done?

Early and late in the day, from September 15th through January 31st.

How many deer can I remove?

There is no limit in Connecticut.  As many as we can.


Clean Up.

We leave not a hair behind.  

Who does the hunting?

Myself and a few select, experienced, accurate and 

ethical bow hunters.  I sometimes call them my

"merry men".  We tote bow and arrow, take from the

(deer) rich and give to the (homeless) poor.

What about liability?

Connecticut state law protects landowners from liability related to hunting when they grant permission to hunters.  Your written permission slip (we provide) is all you need.